Organic Doctor Tea Tree Face Wash

Gentle Foaming Cleansing Made with Tea Tree Essential Oil and Infused with Mandarin, Lemon and Witch Hazel

A purifying and stimulating essential oil used by the Aboriginal people in Australia for centuries. Organic Doctor® steam distills this essential oil from the thick aromatic leaves of the Australian Tea Tree with its original active compounds intact to ensure that the health benefits sourced from nature are truly captured. We call this power BioActivity.

Key Benefits

  • Removes Impurities

  • Helps Control Oil

  • PH Balanced to Maintain Skin’s Natural Balance

  • Formulated with 38% Terpinen-4-oil and Cineole responsible for revitalizing and decongesting properties

  • Leaves Skin Feeling Clean and Refreshed

  • Use daily. Wet face then gently massage gel focusing on the forehead, nose and chin. Rinse with cool water.