About Organic Doctor

Organic Doctor is committed to creating unique products, made with organic ingredients
which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties within each of the extracts used.

Available at CVS and natural food stores across the United States, Organic Doctor products utilize only the  finest organic materials wherever possible. Each product contains a minimum of 70% organic ingredients*. Sourced from around the world, every single active ingredient conforms to our strict quality guidelines. Combined with the latest scientific methods of extraction, Organic Doctor products ensure that active compounds are retained to create products that are truly functional. * Excluding water and salt

Organic Aloe Vera is used as the lead ingredient wherever possible due to its extensive beneficial skin care properties versus water which is commonly used in most beauty products.

Our natural environment provides us with a huge number of plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals. All these compounds are recognized to provide numerous beneficial properties. For centuries the indigenous populations of many countries and cultures around the world have used what nature has provided to ensure health and vitality. From the humble Tea Tree of Australia, used by aborigines for over one thousand years; Manuka of New Zealand and the Maori; to the ancient Egyptians with Aloe Vera; the natural world has provided us with a host of health giving botanicals.

Organic doctor utilizes these ingredients, inpired by nature, in the development of a functional range of hair, body and oral care products that are both skin and environmentally friendly.